Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great DC Find - Remix Vintage Store

Hey Divas:

After a great massage today at Andre Chreky I decide to continue my "day of peace" by roaming the streets of Capitol Hill one of my favorite hangout locations. While crossing Pennsylvania Ave. at 7th street I look up and notice a store I hadn't seen before - Remix Vintage Store. Ever the curious bee, I saundered across the street and looked through the windows. Lovely - they were open. For the budget fashionista - great items at reasonable prices.

What a wonderful sight!

Genuine vintage dresses, purses, jewelry, evening coats and winter coats! An amazing collection which also included clothing for men and spanned two rooms.

The selection was tremendous and varied. They even had vintage Jordache jeans. Remix has only been on the Capitol Hill scene for a month but I definitely see it as "the" spot for vintage wear in the city.

Another great DC find...

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