Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs - Summer Wear in the Fall

Diva Darling KB Asks: Like many women I am on a budget. So, I don't always buy the new clothes right as or before the Fall season starts. I tend to pair my Summer clothes with boots or sweaters. I am just worried that my summer dresses are too thin and I will stand out as being out of style. What are some tips do you have for wearing Summer clothes in the Fall?

Diva Bugs Says: Hi KB - I have this problem every year! I am more of a sales girl myself so buying at retail is not always appealing. The Summer sales are in August and you are tempted to buying new clothing for less but Fall is around the corner and the prices on Fall clothes won't be on sale for awhile. The 2007 Summer trends definitely offer many options for Fall transitional wear. You have cropped jackets, baby doll dresses, jeans and t-shirts. The shorts trend might not work with Fall but if they are loose enough they can work with leggings.

Your key to surviving Fall with your Summer clothes is an investment in leggings, a good sweater and a fantastic lightweight coat.

The first plan of attack for you should be taking stock of what you already have in your closet. Jeans are perfect for any season. Check to see if you have leggings. If you don't Target has them for about $12. Leggings are the perfect item to transition Summer wear into the Fall wear. They go well with baby doll dresses, shorts, skirts and even jeans when it gets real cold.

Make sure you have a darling light weight jacket and great sweaters. If not, you can purchase the trenchcoat below from Old Navy for $39.50. Sweaters or the cropped jackets as well as the leggings warm up the baby doll and other dresses that were around this Summer.

A trenchcoat would go perfectly with the outfit below. Add a sweater, light (or Diva Bugs Scarf) or the trenchcoat and you are good to go!

Other simple changes allow you to use what you have in your closet and get more wear out of a great piece. The shirt below can be worn with longer pants. The same tactic would work if it were a baby doll dress.

Overall, Diva you may already have in your closet what you need to make your Summer clothes Fall safe! And if you must make a tiny investment of about $52 on a new lightweight coat and leggings if you need them. They will add the extra warmth and pinnache that will enable you to wear your clothes longer.

But for now lets enjoy the rest of Summer!


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