Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ask Diva Bugs: Italian Dilemma

Diva Darling ER asks: I have a great pair of Italian leather shoes that I have only been able to wear once. They are fabulous shoes but I am uncomfortable when I wear them to work so I want to sell them and was considering a consignment store. What' is the process for selling clothes/shoes at a consignment shop? What price can I expect for a pair of shoes that I only wore once? Can you recommend a consignment shop? Should i sell on ebay instead?

Diva Bugs says: ER what a fantastic dilemma!!! Too bad the shoes did not work out because they sound amazing....ummm you sure a shoe horn won't work out? I can always send you my address to hold them for you in the meantime...just a thought. :)

But just in case you still wanna go this route, the consignment store is an option if you want to make only half or less of what you know the shoes are worth. When you go to a consignment store they have to make a profit too so they may pay you 50% of the worth of the item . Afterall they need to make a profit too! The consigner may also give you a time limit that the item can sit on their shelf. Hopefully the sale can go through quickly. As for the price you should ask the consignment store or take a look online at Ebay or elsewhere to see what shoes similar to your brand and design are selling for.

Speaking of Ebay if you happen to have a digital camera, patience and an online account and you are set. On Ebay, you register, research, pick a price and keep majority of the profit sans shipping and 1.9-2.9% charge for using Paypal. Paypal gives an extra layer of protection in case the buyer flakes. You are responsible for describing the product but with these fabulous sounding shoes the picture should do the work for you. The biggest hassle would be mailing the item to the buyer and making sure you get paid but otherwise the entire process is simple.

But if you are looking for an easy sale without contracts and registration go to Craigslist or maybe even the classifieds of a small local paper (under a certain number of words they are usually free) Easy simple! You also need a digital camera for Craigslist but you can meet the person and accept cash.

Wonderful! Let me know how it works out.

Ciao bella,

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