Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 days in Paris...not much but maybe


What do you do on a hot day especially when you have a bonding day planned with your younger sister? tick tock tick tock go to the movies. Afterall, its a cool hang out, inexpensive, relaxing and different. Like conscientious movie-goers, we saw the indie film "2 Days in Paris". Was I expecting more than the ordinary? Not really. Mind you ... I love indie films. 8 out of 10 times if I have a choice - hands down my first pick would be an indie film. It was an adequate choice on a hot day.

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For me the choice of 2 Days versus lets say "The Nannie Diaries" (deep breath ... ok loved the book but really wanted to see the Paris movie) ok this time 2 Days won. Lets just say, this choice led to a wonderful afternoon treat. We both loved the story line and although I expected more pics of Paris - in anticipation of my trip ... yay- I was content with the plot they offered. The movie was unusual, fun, true and thought evoking while not being overly thought provoking. So we were able to discuss afterwards without our ice cream melting.

2 Days is a wonderful movie co-starring Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy. Its an unconventional love story so they've skipped the boy meets girl plot line and instead infiltrated the plot line with real people and a real if not quirky story.

A boyfriend and girlfriend head to Venice but visit Paris during their trip because her parents are there, she is parisienne and it is just the proper thing to do. He is an architect and she a photographer. Her father is an artist obsessed with drawing male genitalia and owner of an art gallery, her mother overboding and a bit emotional, her sister a confused psychologist for troubled children who seems like she might need counseling herself - she dreams of hurting them.

In the process of visiting the family who know the intricacies of their love/sex life (ouch ... his girlfriend is very open - who can blame her her dad draws peepees) he deals with meeting all her ex-boyfriends who all conversate with her in French. He is not fluent and does not have any comprehension of what they are saying. So he is perplexed and confused as to whether she is having an affair with one of these guys and whether he really knows her at all.

He, I might add is an ok looking american prone to illness galore and she is imperfect and can't face the idea of commitment - real people. In the end they fight and decide to stay together BECAUSE with all their flaws they can't see being with anyone else. They have each found THAT PERSON with the type of flaws only they can stomach that have become their comfort zone...Je t'aime!



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