Friday, August 24, 2007

Great DC Find - Russia house

Hi Diva Socialistas:

Long week over! You made it through Monday's slow pace, Wednesday's promise that the end is near and now the reward Friday Happy Hour!

So, get your gals and guys together and definitely head over to the Russia House!

A friend and I went there recently and had a great time. I wanted to keep the spot a secret but you know I always try to look out for you.

Here is the scene as per usual...

I show up at the Russia House with a friend because we were curious. It has ornate heavy reach decor and furniture. Chic and old world Russian. The menu is not your usual DC fare. It was made up of meat and potatoes Russian style. About 50 different vodkas, great selection of Russian wines ($7.27 and $8.18) that are absolutely yums and Russian bears! I just loved the scene and the ambience. The prices are also right for the budget fashionista!

Lovelies have fun this weekend.


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