Thursday, November 20, 2008

James Bond - Shaken and Stirred!

Hi Darlings:

Mini spoiler alert!

I keep forgetting to mention my James Bond experience. As you know I wrote about the Quantum of Solace parties in DC and I even discussed Casino Royale last year. So, being a loyal James Bond fan I decided to have brunch at Busboys and then went to see the movie with the crew - names withheld. I was not only observing the beauty that is Daniel Craig (great arse in tight pants) but also on the edge of my seat for the action as well. The movie was a nail biter. I was constantly amazed at the use of props in the fighting scenes, hold my breath hoping they survive, sinking my nails into chair and sitting back when they made it though with only a scratch. Sigh! It was fantabulous.

But, for an avid fan of double_O_7, I was disappointed. James Bond has always been the best chick lit hero - there I said it for you guys who thought it was about the action. I alway think of Bond girl purring in Octopussy. Click here for the youtube video of the original trailer and you will see what I mean. He always fights the bad guys but saves the girl and there is always a kissing scene.

Missing from this movie: The bond theme song, the martini - shaken not stirred, the romance and great kisser that was James Bond and the gadgets! Where were the gadgets - we even had gadgets in Casino Royale! And what is up with -he's drinking Vermouth with a twist of lemon.

Le sigh! If you just like action films this is the movie for you...

Hugs and besos.


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