Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 8 recap

Hi Darlings:

This episode of Lipstick Jungle had an unexpected surprise in the end that I felt in many ways went against the basic plot progression I expected. It's unfortunate that the show was canceled because now we will never know if the scenario has a possibility of changing.

I think this was definitely a skinny jeans and knee high hunting boots episode. Since the ladies spent most of the episode at a country spa, we did not see much by the way of fashion either in the clothes they were wearing or the accessories chosen. But, I did like the plaid fitted blazer Victory wore in the end...great accompaniment to the tall boots and jeans...sort of like preppy meets hunter.

Everyone except Victory at some point during the episode thought about giving up the NYC rat race for a more fulfilling life. The spa was run by a retired former boss of Nico's. Seeing her made Nico want to move away from the city or just have a country home. These thoughts definitely highlighted the age difference between her and Kirby because he loves the city and would never think about moving. Wrench meet plan and vice versa. I wonder if Griffin would move with her because their interactions at work are bordering on flirtation...if you ask me. He seems like his eyes are definitely cast in her direction.

Wendy received a job interview - unknown to her - via Nico's help. But I guess being home has gotten to her and she is mentally no longer into the 14+ hour day anymore. Good for her! In the end she decides to not accept the position. Will she go at it on her own or will she just become a housewife? I don't she her becoming an at home Martha Stewart.

As for Victory, as usual she is the eye in the center of a whirling storm. They are actually at the spa because of her and her distress over finding out that Joe wanted to marry her. Go figure! While at the spa she comes to the conclusion that she actually loves him...so why did she kiss the contractor. Go figure the plot jumps too much in this show. In the end, the ladies get stranded in the woods and Joe had to save the day. Victory excitedly waits for him only to be met with the surprise of him saying good bye and giving her ownership of her store. Did he just do that? I think it will/would have been up to her to get him back. She is too flighty when it comes to guys and gets stuck in the moment too much - never thinking long term or the future. Hopefully she will get over the "young one" syndrome and get it together.

Hugs and besos

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Ondo Lady said...

I really really like this show because it tackles women in the workplace so well. Three women at the top of their careers juggling, babies, relationships and making time for their friendship. So sad it got cancelled.

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