Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A New Era...President-Elect Barack Obama!

Hi Darlings:

I try to keep the writing on this blog politics neutral, but this phenomenal, history making, awe inspiring, pinch myself did that really just happen moment deserves all the attention in the world.
We just elected the first African-American President in the United States!! Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama!

Many times we look back on defining moments in time - the March on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr., the signing of Declaration of Independence, the suffragists fighting for and winning the Womens' Right to Vote, the end of slavery (silence) - and think will we ever have that opportunity, such a moment or any semblance of a chance to make such a difference in the lives of people in our communities at home and around the world during our lifetime. On November 4, 2008 (TODAY!), we were given that opportunity to change the direction of history and we met this challenge head on. Together as Americans we can and have accomplished so much. People power is unbelievable and from this day on should never be taken for granted. We have now learned that we can dream about the unforeseen and wish for the seemingly unattainable and plan for beyond the first step and know that success can be ours because hopefully in all ways we will "not be judged by the color of [our] skin, but by the content of [our] character." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

"It always seems impossible until it's done." (Nelson Mandela)

Hugs and besos

Picture: CNN

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