Thursday, November 13, 2008

Michelle and Barack Obama in DC - Will They Still Have Date Nights?

Hi Darlings:

The buzz around the impending arrival of the Obamas is deafening! I feel like we need a red carpet moment when they arrive…just because. I was sitting here thinking about them as a couple and a family. Already I get the vibe – and I am sure you do to – that they are social enough, hip, care a lot about each other and they are a hard working team, of course. But more than anything else they seem like a regular ole couple. Seriously, how many other first couples have we seen going out on dates? We do know that the Edwards go to McDonald’s for their anniversary (or they used to) and the Gores tongue kiss in public (hmm)– but we can’t look to them in this analysis because well...they are “also ran” but have never been. So, they are still just regular everyday people like us, but with more money and popularity.

Before the Obamas I don’t think I ever thought of First Couples doing anything other couples do besides holding hands. We would see them walking to Air Force 1/helicopter holding hands, walking from Air Force 1/helicopter holding hands, going on vacation to Camp David and walking to and from Air Force 1/helicopter holding hands with their children. It was beginning to look like some sort of First Couple protocol which I imagined said something like “First couples should only hold both of each other’s hand when dancing at the Inaugural Ball. When in public stand exactly one foot apart. Be sure to smile for the cameras when reporters are present. Hold one hand whenever an aircraft is present. And when you get to the top stair of said aircraft, turn to the crowd, hold one hand and both of you wave with the other hand.”

But, now I think the Obamas present an exciting new addition to DC and the Presidency. One of the first videos we have of them after Mr. Obama became the President-elect was of them going out on a date in Chicago. Fantabulous! When was the last time we saw a First couple dress up and go on a date?

I must say they are coming here to the District at the right time. DC has become more cosmopolitan in the last few years. We have lots of new restaurants that are hip and rival many in New York by way of offerings and décor. They will have many date night options and I am just curious as to whether they will keep those dates or follow the usual protocol. I hope they do the former.

UPDATE: Maybe they won't be going out on dates that much anymore afterall...:(

Hugs and besos.

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