Monday, November 10, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

Hi Darlings:

This is one of two Lipstick Jungle episodes to be recapped today. So, stay tuned for the next post after this one. Today is officially Lipstick Jungle overload day!

Episode 6 could easily be titled doing the unexpected.

Most of the interesting drama is in Victory's corner as usual. She is having a opening fashion show for her store which is finally finished. Hence part of the reason why we have not seen Rodrigo. But low and behold she is having trouble getting the show together, calls him for help and he rushes over. In the meantime, Joe is realizing she is the one and wants to propose after Nico tells him Victory is single. Fascinating! Everyone but for Rosie Perez - aka Dahlia gets to help in this crisis moment that even includes a stain on the grand finale wedding dress. Go figure. Dahlia is fired! So long Rosie. Just when your outfits were getting more an more divine...the exit ruffle dress - lovely! We were not surprised at all that Victory ONLY thanked Rodrigo for his help with the store - not money bags Joe and that she kissed him in front of everyone. Of course, she and Joe would never get together half-way through the season?! The question lies as to whether they will merge at the end of Season two or whether he will be her BIG.

Wendy is getting back on the professional horse, so to speak. She has a story idea about a girl in love with a horse and wants to pitch it to Sal. Her daughter thinks it won't fly and I too think its a ridiculous idea. It does not look like her working time out has given her a creative boost. Needless to say things have changed at work. Griffin is stifling Sal's decision making powers. I find this interesting and wonder how long until Nico and Sal and others rebel against his controlling tendencies. Annoyed with the new and y ung VP who reacts like her teenage daughter to her idea, Wendy leaves. She discovers a new writer and starts her own production company...finally!

Nico has baby love when she says Charles's illegitimate child. After all these years her biological clock is ticking and she seems like she now wants a child of her own. I saw her pick up the crying baby who eventually was soothed by her touch and was thankful the mother did not have to fight to get the baby back! She also delivers momentos for the baby to have when he gets older as well as a gift. Thank goodness she is not giving more money to the woman who broke up her marriage! As for Kirby, he finally tells her he is a part time paparazzo...classy. Well at least in the end he ditches the idea of being a waiter at Victory's story opening/fashion show and eventually decides to start her own production company.

The fashion diva of this episode was actually Rosie Perez! The v-neck red dress with the full skirt and silver necklace - nice as well as the silk trench. So far, I've noticed in this and the previous episode the fascinating use of the trench coat design.

Hugs and besos.

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