Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Casino Royale - Suspenseful but not too Fashionable

I tried to catch up on my movie "to watch list" over the holiday by
watching Casino Royale. I must say that if you diva-socialistas expect great female fashion trends this movie is not for you. James as usual was very debonair in his suits and tuxedos. His look was of course very European from bathing suits to sportswear. And his great physique didn't hurt. Vesper (Eva Green) his female co-star on the other hand was rather drab. Her outfits were dated and matronly and unexciting as the name of her character. M (Judi Dench)looked way classier as usual. Love her character!

The selling points of this movie are the action and chase scenes. They are so amazing that even after the movie is over you are trying to piece together the possible plot. But for the 144 mins you are glued to your seat.

I am an avid James Bond fan and I must say I was really skeptical about Daniel Craig as James Bond. I usually have a knack for knowing which celebrity would make a good James even before they are chosen - Pierce Brosnan was on my list since the Remington Steele days. Eventhough I did not originally see Daniel Craig as James, he was able to pull off a great 007 in part because of his great body and athleticism.

In this movie we see a harder, more realistic side of James. He is not the cavalier, one line spewing Don Juan but rather a spy who kills with his bare hands, drinks hard liquor rather than "Martinis shaken not stirred". He does not leave his escapades unshaken and ready to fight another day but is rather a man who feels the strain of his new job and love lost. As a newly minted 007 Bond is unpolished and literally feeling his way in his new job.

I wonder if the new trend will be to portray Bond as a modern killing machine who loves the ladies or if the movie just showed the beginning of the evolution. I guess we will all have to stay tuned for the next installation...

And yes for his fans Jeffrey Wright is in this movie too.

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