Monday, November 10, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

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As promised, here is the Episode 7 recap.

When we left the last episode Victory was at the center of most of the drama. It's always ironic that while the writers take Wendy and Nico to the edge of the proverbial cliff and bring them back by the end of the show, Victory can never seem to resolve her issues in time.

Victory is clueless as to why Joe is not returning her calls and no one will clue her in. This same lack of awareness prompted her lack of professionalism in her decision not to thank Joe or anyone else who helped her get her show together in episode 6. Her current goal is to get a deal designing sports wear for a tennis star (invoke Maria Sharapova). Yet, for some perplexing reason she cannot figure out how the game of tennis works and needs Joe there to help her land the deal. Why? The idea is that licensing fees bring in steady cash. In many ways, this situation worked well with the rest of the plot because it just so happens Nico is launching a sports magazine. Joe gets up the nerve to attend the event to help her and sees her up close with Tiki Barber (I think) who is teaching her to play golf. Like Joe implies earlier to Nico in does not get into situations business or otherwise to loose and this just reminds him he is looosing. With that he blows the deal with the tennis star. Victory believes he is tempermental until Ellen, Joe's secretary slips up and tells Victory that he had purchased a ring with the intent of asking her to marry him. Her eyebrows shoot up...which means more drama to come.

I am however thankful that Victory's fashion in this episode was not over the top 80's reject ensemble...think neon pink fur bag. On second thoughts she did over do it at the sports related magazine launch by wearing the white dress with diamond jewelry and fur trimmed sleeves...go figure. But the signature necklace with the floral pendants and a great soft pink and wide legged blazer look in the first scene was nice.

Nico's drama we will put under the title of weird and freaky. Kirby's mom (Roseanna Arquette) is not the typical mother that she expected. Needless to say they are wearing the same 5' red heels and with her boobs singing the "free us from bondage" song she is most definitely a great stand in for Rosie Perez as far as assets go. Kirby is weird as he tells her entirely too much about his life. What guy lets his mom into his romantic relationship on such a detailed level. Weird. In the end, I was not sure if I should gear myself up for an electra complex reveal and frankly I believe Nico was worried about that too. She can see the rival in his mom and pegs her as competitor not friend.

I only like the silver dress Nico wore to the magazine event. I loved the mini pleats at the neckline and the broader ones on the skirt section. Her fashion contribution was mainly in the way of accessories. The necklacewith the flowers that dipped down her chest in mock v-neck was great.

Wendy never seems to get that she suffocates her husband's individuality. She plays on his turf by joining as a producer and suggesting/telling him how to compose the music for the movie. Thankfully she got the hint in the end but only because she felt guilt for kissing someone else. In the end the made up and I loved the white nightgown with the pleated front. Josie Scotter (aka Vanessa Marcil) his new agent makes Wendy extremely jealous...I sense future drama.

I loved the simple makeup pairing with statement earrings and simple blue dress look Wendy wore to the party. She looks best with form fitted and simple. I tend to pay attention to her jewelry as they always seem to look like antiques.

Overall, I sense the trend of pleats and floral jewelry...hmmm.

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