Monday, November 24, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 9 recap

Hi Darlings:

So many phrases come to mind after viewing last Friday's episode of Lipstick Jungle -a few would be Susie homemaker, ticking biological clock, lonely hearts, manipulating manager and the hand that rocks the table is the hand that rules the world ... well maybe not the last one. I sure hope this show returns next season because my list of plotlines I want to see resolved keeps growing by the episode.

I think someone forgot to tell Wendy that not only is the economy suffering but that this was the Thanksgiving episode and not the Chrismahanakwanzaka. Who decorates that much for Thanksgiving? Although I did appreciate the environmentally conscious effort to shop in a way to minimize their carbon footing, I found the streamers, pumpkins in every inch of the house, overdone arts and crafts and Fall leaves too much! She has claimed and owns the "Susie Homemaker meets Rock n Roll Mom" title. It's hers take it, Martha Stewart look out.

The Rock n Roll part comes with her outfit that was a darling black slacks and blazer with a simple white t-shirt with emblazoned/bedazzled silver cross in the front. I liked that she paired the outfit with a slicked back ponytail.

Her biggest issue this episode was surprisingly her husband's lonely hearts manager. I look at Josie's character and think of Rear Window and wonder what Jimmy Stewart would say about this successful woman with the dying dog as her only friend and no one to count on so she relies on her married client to help her on Thanksgiving. She seems too desperate, oblivious to others and me centered a combination that will probably lead to her trying to seduce him or just take him away from his family at odd hours of the day for her various crisis. What do you think? But, I have faith that Wendy's husband will stand firm in his conviction to spare his family the shame and embarrassment of an affair. Too bad he has no control over the conspiracy theorist that is his mother-in-law who is never happy or statisfied unless she leaves her scent on her daughter's life.

I am so happy for Victory because not only did she find a way to forgive Dahlia and forget her drama causing ways (thank you Rosie Perez is back!) but she also advanced in fashion from Cindi Lauper or Julia Roberts prostitute in Pretty Woman inspired accessories and colors to as close to Chanel chic as she could get. I loved the green with blue trim Chanel inspired blazer she wore with black bootcut jeans and modernized with a casual flare using a metal with beads multi-strand necklace instead of conservative pearls.

I think her sketching has improved to the point where it seems like she can do it without even looking ... wink. In designing a wedding dress for a Dahlia referred client who was more robust than she expected, she showed her compassionate side ... hmmm and so did Dahlia. But I must ask how long before they start fighting again. Either way, I hope they stay together as a duo because I liked that their drink of choice was Coquito as in Rosie adds flavor and spice to the show. Click here to find out how to make.

Nico makes me paranoid about being single and childless. I almost want to say a prayer for her and hope that she does not either drive herself to mental illness or get arrested. She needs to stay away from manipulating Megan who is the biggest user of them all! What is wrong with her? I don't understand why she does not try to have her own child with Kirby. Megan dumps the child with her for an unexpected "extended visit". Does not call to check on it and calls to say she cannot take car of the child. So, why didn't she think about this when she was sleeping with Nico's deceased husband. And, doesn't the baby have an immense trust she could probably hire a nanny. I think Kirby is within his rights to be mad at Nico because I can just see Megan reacting from a fight with her parents and when they come around in Episode 10 or 11 she will swoop back in and take the baby back leaving Nico foreseeably heart broken. (le sigh)

Hugs and besos

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