Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hat Attack over accessories

Hi Darlings:

I was at the hair salon on Friday pm when I saw the cutest belt in one of the fashion mags. As per usual, I made a written note to look up the line - Buji Baja by Hat Attack. I was fascinated because the belt in the mag was a dear and under $60 well within our budget fashionista purchase limit. Not sure if you've heard of Hat Attack but on their website they have the cutest hats and accessories. Most are within budget while others might cost a few extra pennies here and there. :) If you get a moment take a look at these two items:

The Buji Baja Luxe rope belt with gold hardware for $92... and The Buji Baja Raffia crocheted clutch with leather trim for $88. Hugs and besos.

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