Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Critics Choice Award....and more.

Hi Darlings:

I definitely had to make sure I wrote about the Critic's Choice Award (CCA) fashion even if I have normally abstained in the past because chances are this might unfortunately be the ONLY award show this year...yikes! Well more than likely the SAGs will still go on. Who woulda thought the strike would've lasted this long? To be honest it's getting annoying that an agreement has not been met as of yet but I completely understand where the writers are coming from. You can clearly see from the Computer and Electronics Show currently taking place in Las Vegas that electronics and the Internet are our present and our future. Will we really have tvs in 10 years? No one thought the VCR would play as significant a role in entertainment as it did in the last 25 or more years and neither did the writers and producers the last time they were at the negotiating table. (the end of my two cents)

Now on to the red carpet - to be honest I was not impressed by the CCAs. The dresses were not inspiring. The only look I liked was Kyra Sedgwick's dress other than that everything else was run of the mill cocktail party...probably why I never really paid attention before.

(Kyra Sedgwick, Amanda Bynes, Allison Janney, Ellen Page, Katie Holmes)

On a different note... I love love these pics from They show the celebs socializing in a way you don't normally see at these events. So refreshing...

Poor one wants to be voted the best at lacking style. What she needs is some female bonding ... the new Bond girl was recently chosen.

2008 will be another big year of fashion anniversaries for Pucci, Sonia Rykiel and Valentino and others.

Hugs and besos.

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