Thursday, January 10, 2008

Divas in the News .... and more!

Hi Darlings:

Happy Thursday! I can't stop sneezing...and no I don't think its the cold or the flu. Although it seemed like everyone on the metro today were giving me that "back off" look. Yikes! I give other people that look as well and I hold my breath for a count of 10... go figure. Winter allergies suck! But I will keep the torch going in my pledge not to rely on meds. I hope you are not suffering from any maladies. The weather fluctuating so much on the East coast is entirely deceptive.

Jennifer Lopez seems not to be suffering from any maladies. She has a good sense of her present, how her present influences her personal style, and in turn how that style influences her business. However, wants to let us know that if we are into our business (jobs) we would appreciate chic and cheap workwear finds for under $100.

On a different note, I saw Cashmere Mafia on ABC last night. It looks like the ABC solution for those of us who miss Sex in the City. Except its more like the characters of Desperate Housewives changed bodies with the women of Sex in the City and they are all professional women with men probs instead of at home fighting evil in the neighborhood. I can already tell that the "Bree" character is Juliet Draper...she even has red hair. Overall it looks like a fun show and I am always game for a girly show. Lucy Lui is definitely the Sarah Jessica Parker of this show.

Hugs and besos.

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