Monday, January 14, 2008

“I can breathe clearly now the sneezing gone”

Hi Darlings:

I hope you had a great weekend. I can happily say I had a wonderful weekend not only hanging out with friends but also hanging out with myself. Believe it or not, on Friday after sneezing continuously throughout the day at work I finally decided to be proactive with my allergies…although I think at this point I am being more reactive than anything. Anywho…I’d read earlier in the month about the neti pot and how Oprah (a..hem) and Dr. Oz have been known to say that it relieves allergies and cold symptoms. Always up for trying new things I went to the nearby Whole Foods and purchased a neti pot kit. I decided to wait until arriving home to try the kit for the first time since I don’t think placing a pot in your nostril and pouring liquid inside while in the company bathroom is a very good look for work.

So I go home and mix the powdered solution in the luke warm water. I pour into and through one nostril and repeat the same with the other nostril. Admittedly this process is unnerving because I have to breathe through my mouth for what seems like an eternity while I stay focused trying to not flinch because liquid is flowing through my sinuses and across my face. When the process is over I am relieved in more ways than one. I blow my nose to remove excess solution and almost instantaneously I feel declogged – able to breathe and speak. Surprisingly between Friday and Sunday evening I have only sneezed once. How do you spell relief? I will definitely be a regular user of the neti pot.

Here is the one I used:
Hugs and besos.

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