Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Saga...

Hi Darlings:

Something glamorous this way came Sunday night! Ok, so I won't pretend and tell you that I watched the SAG awards show... I didn't but I did watch the pre-show. For some reason I am not really enticed by the purpose of the show but rather the idea that the show serves the purpose of allowing celebs to parade in pretty outfits and show us somewhat of who they are when they are not "acting". As for the "fashion" show, I must say I liked the dresses that were more daring than safe. No one went over no goose, no overt chest exposure.

Pregnancy rumors ruled the night! Giuliana Rancic for the E! Channel was in a panic over recent pregnancy rumors and could not stop talking about gaining "newlywed" weight and her need to work out. How easily the reporter becomes the reported... (see her in the video below)

Angelina Jolie showed up in a silk vintage Hermes parachute dress. Although not the most flattering for her figure it went a long way to fuel the recent pregnancy rumors swirling around her and her partner Brad Pitt. Frankly, I disagree with most observers and think that if she were trying to hide her pregnancy she would have chosen a different dress. Everytime the wind blew it was clear her tummy was flat as could be ... but time will tell and the rumors live on!

(Source: People)
Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!
Marcia Cross and Marcia Gay Harden ....both lost baby weight during the past year and look amazing!
(Source: People)
(Source:TV guide)
Cate Blanchett glowed as she showed off her baby bump in a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The tube dress looked heavy with all the embroidery however her glow and minimal bling added the right sparkle. I also noticed that many attendees refrained from wearing a lot of bling I wonder if this simplicity trend will last. But, with the Oscars still a question mark it might be a while before we find out...
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Ok darlings here is my sum up of top three likes and dislikes.

Loved Loved Loved ....

Sandra Oh
What a refreshing take on the traditional Korean gown. I loved that she supported a small designer and took a risk by choosing a gown with meaning that went against the body shaping trends. The bow and pink color drew your attention to her face. She made a gallant decision to limit her jewelry ... but she really is not known for wearing a lot of jewelry.
(Source: Fabsugar)

Vanessa Williams
Loved this shade of yellow on her. The black sash accent was simply divine with this Escada dress! Sure she wants us to believe she just looked at the look book and would be a perfect fit. (wink, wink, nod, nod)
(Source: People)
Debra Messing - in a statuesque Oscar de la Renta looked Amazing! Diva!
(Source: People)
Honorable mentions: Amanda Bines(Marchesa) and Ashley Tisdale for wearing age appropriate outfits and Rebecca Gayheart also in a beautiful Marchesa gown. hmmm...
(Source: People)
(Source: People)
(Source: People)
I had to include the video below because I loved this red vintage Halston worn by Emmanuelle Chriqui of Entourage and could not find her in pics anywhere...

Did not like, love or thought should have been worn at a black tie!

Ellen Page while in Zac Posen looked more business cocktail ready than black tie.

Tina Fey - black is very yesterday...literally. She should be more daring with her color choices. This Alberta Ferretti dress would have been better for another event. As you can tell I am rebelling against black or not making much of an effort. Somehow on certain people black can be a dower color as is the case with Ellen Page and Tina Fey.

Jane Krakowski - I actually don't want to know who designed this gown.
(Source: TV Guide)
Honorable mention: Eva Longria - very 70's fabric similar to grandma's "vintage" curtain and earrings...interesting look. I was just not into it.
On a different note:

And the award for best dressed spouse goes to .... Keisha Whitaker. I could not believe that she and Forrest have been married for 13 years! That's 26 years in celeb land. They always seem to look so happy together.

Hugs besos

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