Saturday, January 05, 2008

DC2NY - Upscale Bus Alternative

Ok Darlings:

You are all aware I went to NYC recently to visit my sister for NYE! (love acronyms) Well my friend R also loves visiting NYC and was there for NYE. Being a diva socialista like yours truly she is always trying to not only find out about the new in thing in travel but is also searching for ways not to spend a lot but still have tons of fun! Isn't that the budget-fashionistas motto...

Well R and I were speaking about NYC when she mentioned a new "chinatown" bus DC2NY which operates from Washington DC to midtown NYC and caters to young professionals.

For those in the know ... the regular chinatown bus takes passengers between chinatowns or areas close in DC/NY/PA and Richmond (do they have a chinatown? ... hmmm). The best part of the regular chinatown bus and the DC2NY bus is the cost...$35 and $40 roundtrip respectively. The trip is no longer cheaper than Greyhound (yuck ... so not in) but it is way cheaper than Amtrak and more convenient than flying.

The unique part about the DC2NY bus is the onboard Internet service!

It is worth the consideration!

Hugs loves.

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