Sunday, January 20, 2008

India is envogue at Opi nails...

Hi Darlings:

I have joked with some of my friends that India so envogue now. Instead of waxing I get my eyebrows threaded at an Indian run establishment in DC called Threads (U St., NW betn 15th and 16th); Bhangra music is all over the clubs and is even endorsed by Hip Hop music's Jay-Z; chandelier earrings and thin gold bangles are all the rage; and most definitely the trend towards brighter colors, layering with chiffon, and looser transparent leggings can definitely be seen as an homage to Indian fashion. Now nail polish has gone Indian with the new line by Opi Nails scheduled to launch on Frebruary 6th of this year.

The line contains delightful fuschias, oranges, reds and corals with names like I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, MonSooner or Later, Keys to My Karma and Lunch at the Delhi... so Bollywood and SO cheesy yet so envogue.

So, keep these new colors in mind when you visit the nail salon. They should go well with any Spring outfit or work as a mood brightener for the winter.

Hugs and Besos.

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