Monday, September 03, 2007

Signals, eyelash batting and more

Hey Divas:

Last Thursday's Washington Post's style section had an article titled "Tapping Into The Secrets of The Stall" by Lynne Duke and DeNeen L. Brown. I was curious about this article especially since the Senator Craig issue that has plagued the news for the last week. I was fascinated by the foot stumping signals and wondered whether or not there was a special guide that told them about these signals.

How the heck do people find out these things!

I was thinking about these signals and became miffed that there were not any for heterosexual women and men. I am sure shy gay guys are happy to not have to go up and speak - like most straight guys. I think that shy straight guys miss out because of their impediment. Like the article says all gay guys do is the 3 second look (1-and-2-and-3), turn to look at the person after they walk by if the person turns they are interested in gay too and interested. Simple ... easy breezy!

I have been pondering this situation for some time now... and thought to myself we - heteros -need signals too. Signals like foot tapping are so universal. So if you have short hair and can't do the flip, or have no coordination and therefore can't bat your eyelashes you can still get the message across.

We too can have a 3 second rule. For example, if you stare at him for 3 seconds that should mean come talk to me and I won't roll my eyes and ignore you. Or if you stare at me and I raise my right hand - that could mean I am interested in talking some more.

If only...Happy Labor Day Loves!

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