Monday, September 17, 2007

So Over Wrap Shirts...

Hi Divas:

Like you, some days I enjoy having a "chest" and other days I am just annoyed. Sorry to start off crass but on Sunday when I was trying to wear my favorite red jersey knit wrap shirt - and my "chest" was not making me happy. Don't you just hate that wrap shirts don't always fit right and then you have to either pin the two sides together which is not attractive because the joined section becomes noticeable, stretched, not polished and unattractive. Even more so unattractive if you put a camisole or shirt underneath and the colors don't match. That strategy tends to remove the "sexy" from the outfit especially when you want a form fitted fashionable look. And sometimes you may just want to wear the wrap shirt in an attractive manner that makes you feel less self-conscious and fashionable. So I came up with a new and comfortable way to wear my wrap should try it too! I connected the two ends of the shirt with out wrapping.

Although I think this look will only work with upgrading a denim look - I think its worth a try.

Ciao loves. Happy Monday!

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