Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Celebration - Divafied!

Hi Divas:

My birthday was on Saturday! Like a typical Virgo I planned every minute of my day and I must say I enjoyed every moment! It was most definitely a diva divine day throughout! Since this was a celebration I won't get philosophical but I must say that I combined two of my favorite things, finding peace and hanging out with my friends. Both may seem on opposite ends of the spectrum but they bring me joy...and fun.

Saturday was a day I enjoyed the patchwork that is the Georgetown experience. I started the day canoeing on the Potomac river at 8am. To insight thoughtfulness and meditation, an open expanse of water and a small boat are the way to go. My rowing skill level is way below beginner ... yikes ... but my ability to enjoy my moment on the water did not leave me remissed.

Next I met friends at Baked and Wired for tea and pastries. This architecturally exact and well defined space as my friend V raved offered some of the best cupcakes in the city. I opted for the refreshing hibiscus tea and a pastry and savored every morsel that came with good conversation.

Yoga and spa treatments followed tea time. I spent the rest of the afternoon resting before my night out. Over dinner I once again experience the tremendous joy of having my friends from the different facets of my life meet each other. Simply divine laughs, giggles and tons of glee and fun. Dinner at Bangkok Bistro lasted 4 hours.

A few more hours of clubbing and my special day was complete! Until next year....what shall I plan.

Birthday Poem
A Young Lady looked up one evening. The moon was Full, bright, energized and full of light. Already in a pensive mood,She pondered the uniqueness and timeliness of the lunar and all cycles.She realizes that life is amazing because right as one cycle ends another new and glorious one emerges. The adventure was about to start all over again.Time to Celebrate!

Ciao babes.
(1 or 2 pics to come later)

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