Friday, September 14, 2007

Great DC find ... maybe ... Sale at Benetton

So Divas:

I relearned a lesson yesterday that I've known for sometime now ...all sales are not created equal!

After work yesterday, I do the bionic woman thing - I drive back into the city run errands and still make it to a meeting (on time) ... go figure. After an informative meeting, I am ready for home but had to grab my sister from Chinatown when I saw the unbelievable. United Colors of Benetton (UCB) was going out of business. The sign outside the door said 60%. 60% - I really had to repeat for emphasis and not because I am suffering from whip lash because my head spun too quickly.

So I park the car run in and guess what. The store is half empty. What a dilemma?! So I grab and try-on. All is fun until I am standing in line and the sales person says that its not 60% off of everything and the price on the clothing is final...bummer. I still pay for my stash because in the end the deal was ok not GREAT and I needed an outfit for the Runway Africa show this weekend.

Any who the store closes on Sunday so hopefully by then the "going out of business sale" will be better.

Ciao loves. Have a great weekend!

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