Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hats Essential

Hey Divas:

Ok ... so here and there I've been talking to you about Winter (W-word) and Fall (F-word) but in reality I would as soon toss those thoughts out of my mind because - Summer (S-diva) was still in full force. So imagine my shock (and yours too) when it was close to 60 degrees on Sunday. I actually had to wear a sweater! For the first time I was aware that Summer was over...sad. Ummm...well maybe by next week I will feel better - love Fall - truly, madly deeply. In the meantime, it's all still a shock.

But the presently lowered temperature has me thinking I should start thinking some more about my cold weather wardrobe. And no cold weather wardrobe is complete without hats or gloves as accessories. Like I've said before for the most part during F-word and W-word - all your friends and fellow Divas ever see are you outerwear so you have to make a point of choosing well.

Here are some hats that I think any budget fashionista would love...

Brown Betmar riding hat found at Village Hat Shop for ($52)

Urban Outfitter Heart Pattern beret (24.00)

Proper Topper's Tweed bucket ($45)

Ciao loves.

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