Sunday, October 14, 2007

She Bangs!

Hi Divas:

Sorry about the delay in typing... Since my exciting birthday I've been soo busy writing and working. But, now I am back and I have wonderful stories for you.

So loves without further ado I took the plunge last week and got bangs! For scaredy-cats like me and those of you who are hesitant, my hairstylist had the greatest solution. She gave me two layers of bangs - 1.) first she cut a short layer: straight across my eyebrows. A traditional bang look. But not as thick as Halle's or Heidi Klum's. Thin enough so you don't gasp at the loss of your locks, ie it should grow back soon. 2.) second she trimmed my side swept bangs. You know the long, hook behind your ears length that looks great with hair down or up in a bun.

The two bangs are a safety precaution just in case I get bored with the short bangs, I can have more than one option. Since the short layer is so thin it is not difficult to sweep them up with the longer layer. The best of both it!
Ciao Loves.

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