Monday, April 16, 2007

Wide legged pants - Not the 70's version

Hey Divas:

Another yuck day! More and more I am asking myself when is ummm Spring... nah forget that ... when is Summer getting here! This is ridiculous. So, as you can imagine I did not go to NY today, instead I am at the "new" Dunkin Donuts on Capitol Hill trying to get some work done. No Internet at home...

A few of you purchased the wallet from Filene's - I am glad to hear your are enjoying your new buy... fun.

Well I think wide legged pants might be making a slow come back.

Check out this $200+ beauty from GoldSign - found on

Banana also has a similar pair for $88. Chic all the same but not as tight on the hips.

And just in case you are wondering what to wear with your new pants - I would go for a form fitted J-Crew v-neck sweater or even this Ya-Ya top ($41.40) found on Bluefly with the GoldSign. I am also definitely loving the bubble shirt look with the Banana pants - here is another version - ($37.80 - Bluefly).

And you can also Diva-fy the look with gold bangles!
*Don't forget to keep the students at Virginia Tech and their families in your thoughts.

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