Monday, April 09, 2007

Must Have Wallet

Okay Diva Socialistas:

So I've been eyeing the Nordstrom "Lodis" wallet for months now. With names like "Diva", "Crash Diva" and "Primadonna" it should have been but a match made in heaven ...

Lodis - Primadonna and Herringbone Clutches

no matter how much I salivate over this eye catching must have I can't bring myself to buy a wallet for over $100 even if it's simply darling and like stands out and can double as a mini-clutch when out on the town for the night....

But for budget divas like myself the alternative is always right around the corner. Nine West has the same design for $59.
The patent leather "miniaudier" comes in white and red. It is cute and just as chic and guess what - same purse in Filene's for $12.99 in black and red patent leather.

Loves it...

You don't have to break your wallet to look diva.

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