Saturday, April 28, 2007

The dress for every size

Hi Divas,

I recently went shopping with one of my clients. She wanted to update her look with professional clothing for her size 16/18 figure. She spent a lot of time and effort trying to hide her legs and was convince that skirts and dresses were not her thing. After meeting her I noticed that she had a great hour glass figure. The well proportioned shape that other women are either born with or pay lotsa money to get.

So, I brought her a few lined slacks but also slipped in a skirt suit from the Semantiks line at Nordstrom, a few faux wrap shirts and a black faux wrap black eyelet inspired Calvin Klein a-line dress. When she tried on the dress it was like her inner Diva emerged. We just could not stop looking at her image in the mirror. The wrapped top of the dress hugged the curve of her breast but did not make them seem flat or too much and coupled with the a-line skirt you were able to see her waistline and the curves of her hips. By the time we tried the suit it was a done deal. There was no more convincing her that she should be wearing more skirts and dresses. She was excited and so was I with her new purchases - especially the compliments she has received so far.


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