Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not an Attractive Accessory

So, I finally met the angry looking guy at work and he is not that bad of a person. I first noticed him my very first week at work in January - but he was that dark type of character with the "I don't do babies" look or the "Don't even think about talking to me I bite" or better yet just the "I bite! for the sake of the biting" look. Creepy... So, since bites aren't a very good look on me I just stayed away.

It just so happened that today I had to eat a late lunch and who should happen to be in the kitchen at work but HIM! Yikes! Instead of focusing on the cracks in the vinyl floortiles I dared to look up. And he was staring at me with a box of Tort notes!

So, I say "hmmmm... you're in law school? How is that working out with a full-time job?"

He responds, "I am just tired and juggling life. My list of things to do keeps piling up everyday and I can't seem to get rid of it."

Always with a helpful tip I told him, "I guess you will be taking time off from work soon." (insert shining light on my toothy grin)

He grimmaces "I have taken time off but my list still grows each day. I just gotta do what I gotta do."

So we chewed the lettuce (don't do fat) for a bit talking about my workplace experience and I said good bye.

I feel sorry for him but the one lesson I have learned in the past week is an overscheduled life is not an attractive accessory.

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