Saturday, April 14, 2007

Get Your Sticky Buns to 14th St., NW

Hi Divas:

I know its early Saturday and you will never guess where I am ... wrong not in bed watching the MTV Real World marathon! Too much to do ... too little time. I am at the Sticky Fingers Bakery! Yummmm!

Sera and Mickey are enjoying their pastries too!

So like I love going to coffee shops because somehow home, bed, food and Internet are not conducive to getting any type of anything done! I wanted to head over to 14th St., NW DC around the Tivoli square area because frankly I needed to stop, yes I said stop going to U St., NW! I needed a life outside the U - ummm but not a life outside of Pink November. I like have all the menus memorized ...

There is so much NEW going on in the 14th St. area.

Mayorga coffee and lounge - no more trekking to Silver Spring

Rumberos (think Rumba Cafe - Adams Morgan)

Target and Marshalls - Coming soon....

Check it out .... another great DC find.

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