Friday, April 20, 2007

Toothy necklace...

Hey Divas:

I saw these recent pictures of Amerie...Diva indeed! Can't wait for her next CD ... but I digress.

I loved her overall Diva look I couldn't help but "there's just one thing that's got me tripping...." I notice that she is wearing the latest in-vogue accessory ... the shark tooth pendant. Although this trend was started by Victoria Beckham about a year ago it is really catching on and going mainstream.

You can also find the pendant at Amazon or American Eagle (budget version).

And while we are at it the Diva dress is a Diane Von Furstenburg Samara wrap dress ($425) similar as in almost exact replica from Jones NY .($135) ... yikes!

Diva's get out there and shop ... great weather this weekend...when you are looking you never know what you can find. Happy Shopping! ;)


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