Saturday, December 09, 2006

DC - Fashion Sense Not Limited To Trench Coats!

Hi Divas:

As mentioned earlier my latest project has been to scavenger to research these groups and find out what they are all about. Naturally, I was attracted immediately to the fashion, entrepreneur and intellectual groups. I thought that sticking to my comfort zone was a good way to introduce myself to the groups. I am glad I made that decision because I did not want to be inundated with events and board posting when I have little time to socialize as it is.....

My first meeting was with the DC Fashionistas founded by Abigail de Casanova. I signed up for this group and right away I knew they were different than the usual networking outlets like Myspace. These women were all about business of fashion and not finding romantic dates or building their online friends list. Their online board entries had to do with the fashion industry and information on just about every fashion show in the city even the one that they put together last Saturday, December 9th at Panache. (Ummmm show Diva Bugs)

I even found out about on their message boards. This is a site where you can apprentice with an expert in any field while on vacation so like if you wanted to shadow a potato farmer, cowboy or a surf board maker you can or they can try to set it up if its not readily available. Whatever you want...what an exciting idea - don't want to be a potato farmer but it is worth the go.

I then attended one of their fashion show planning meeting. The fashionistas who design, model and do make up were all in the house. Exciting! Like minded people in one room. It was great seeing this in action since everyone talks about DC folks having no fashion sense. I believe that to be a myth.

And who says diva-socialistas only shop and do lunches and brunches! Regular ladies with budgets are diva-socialistas too!

Here are some pics of the Sat., Dec. 9th show at Panache:

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Pictures courtesy of Heidi (1) and DC Fashionista meetup board (2-4).

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, Diva Bugs! I am also blessed to be a part of the DC Fashionistas, and I agree with you--our group is not just about making friends, it's more about furthering our careers and interests in beauty and fashion. We're all so resourceful, and the sisterhood is phenomenal! Welcome!

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