Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections: 2006

Hi Diva-Socialistas:

On the last day of each year I always choose to be reflective. For me it has become the best time to reflect on what I did, the person I was and how I have changed and/or grown in the last 365 days and what my overall plans are for the coming year.

I have learned to be brave and not worry about the process of doing but rather focus on the outcome I am aiming for. I have actually been reflecting on this earlier than expected because I spent the last two weekends ice-skating. It's so funny how intimidating the ice rink can be if you have never skated before. I have noticed four types of people at the rink.

1.) The person who has never skated before but once they take a few steps and hold unto to rails they find a comfort zone and eventually feel comfortable letting go and gliding on the ice by themselves.
2.) The person who is just happy putting on the skates, getting on the ice for minute to feel how it is for the sake of the experience and never putting on ice skates again.
3.) The type who is used to inline skates and maybe skeptical at first and once they get on the ice their inner Michelle Kwan resurfaces.
4.) The person who just likes skating and goes back year after year to glide on the ice and have a good time skating with family and friends.

Whatever you plan to do next year don't sit out on the experiences that you can have in life - get out in the "rink" and just try.


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