Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scarf Sale! Indigo Landing - Great DC Find...

Before we go into the Great DC Find get talk about the SALE!

Diva Bugs Sale! First to ping me gets the bug!

Featured product...

One "Diva" Scarf is available for sale (similar to the one in the above pic) in Orange/Purple mohair blend yarn with swavorski crystals and glass beads. The scarf is just like the one in the pics.

Orig price: $ 90; 30% off Sale: $ 60


From now on I am going to try to post Great DC finds on a weekly basis to be included in information about Diva Bugs. To start with, I consider every find a Bug - accessory or not!

Diva Dictionary:

Bug [buhg]
1. that which makes a Diva happy. She can't live without it and oftentimes wants to hide its whereabouts from her friends. Sometimes its a unique dress and other times its just the best darn cheesecake that set her party off! Either way a Diva must have it. It makes her unique and who she is. Currently, Heidi's Kimono shirt is her favorite bug.

Love it....;)

Well anyway... at Diva Bugs we are all about the Diva and we believe that DC has a lot to offer. Like you I am always game for finding new, fun and chic places to go and things to buy. It does not matter if that thing or bug is a great dress or the best falafel sandwich ever! (that will be my next post) So I have decided that I am going to share my insights...so there will be no "shush girl, don't you dare tell your friends about this new find." Share the love Divas and Gents!

Great DC Find....

This weeks Great DC Find is Indigo Landing Restaurant.

What an amazing view of DC! Everything about this spot buzzed romantic! Its located at the Washington Sailing Marina right on the Potomac River and only less than 10 minutes away from DC. I am a bread person so I have to give the bread/cornbread basket an A+. The crabcake appetizer was all real crabmeat and scrumptious. The entrees are all country-themed ... I was surprised that they were so good but I have to admit that the trout dish could’ve been better. In the end its all about the view! Not your typical DC hangout. Definitely a great DC find!

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