Tuesday, October 10, 2006

See and be seen...where to go

For those who are always asking me or other diva-socialistas about new places to go for happy hour... here are my fav spots.

I know the scenario all too well. I've been there too. You work all week and don't think about Friday night until 3pm and it hits you that you don't know where to go. You call up the first BFF's number that you can remember and if she does not have plans she too is wondering where the beautiful people are going to be. Yikes! A dilemma because you don't want to go to the same place every week. Variety is after all the spice of life.

So, I've made up a list to help all of us when we forget our options.

Here is my list...

Chic Hang outs:
1.) Oya - tres chic - (http://www.oyadc.com)
2.) Zola - romantic and fun with friends - (http://www.zoladc.com)
3.) Tabaq Bistro - best view- (http://www.tabaqdc.com/glassterrace.htm)
4.) Hotel Monaco - cutest fries - 8th and F St., NW
5.) Zaytinya's - mediterranean tapas; lotsa folks - http://www.zaytinya.com

Bring a book:
1.) Busboys and poets - great prices; lotsa options - (http://www.busboysandpoets.com)
2.) Mocha Hut - beautiful people - 14th and U St., NW
3.) Tryst - old comfort - Adams Morgan/ 18th St., NW
4.) Mayorca Cafe - Silver Spring has lots to offer - Georgia Ave
5.) Love Cafe - pricey but fun for studying - 15th and U St., NW

New York flava:
1.) Indeblue - best interior design in da city - (http://www.bleu.com/indebleu/)
2.) Zengo - great mix of food and folks - http://www.modernmexican.com/zengodc/index.htm)

Mexican/Spanish Cravings:
1.) Rosa Mexicano - (http://www.rosamexicano.com)
2.) Jaleo - (http://www.jaleo.com)
3.) La Tosca - (http://www.latascausa.com)
4.) Lauriol Plaza - (http://www.lauriolplaza.com)

Old Favs:
1.) Utopia - (http://www.utopiaindc.com/)
2.) Chi cha Lounge - (http://latinconcepts.com/chicha/)
3.) Georgia Browns - (http://www.gbrowns.com)
4.) Rumba Cafe - (http://www.rumbacafe.com/)

1.) The Hotel Tabard inn - romantic - (http://www.tabardinn.com/restaurant2.htm)
2.) Ritz Carlton in G'town - http://www.ritzcarlton.com/hotels/georgetown/dining/venues/degrees/default.asp 3.) Mie N Yu - http://www.mienyu.com

You never know who you'll meet...
1.) Embassy Suites lounge - 10th and H St., NW
2.) McCormick and Schmidts - 9th and F St., (http://www.mccormickandschmicks.com)
3.) Ghana Cafe - (http://washington.dc.diningguide.com/data/d101828.htm)
4.) Hotel Helix - (http://www.hotelhelix.com/)
5.) Clydes - Gallery Place/Chinatown

Play Ball:
1.) Lucky Strike - bowling - 7th St., NW, inside Gallery Place movie theater
2.) ESPN Zone - http://www.espnzone.com
3.) Champs - Pentagon Row
4.) The Tombs/Clydes - http://www.clydes.com/main/RestaurantsDetail.cfm?Restaurant=The_Tombs&Section=Main
5.) Cue - pool, darts and music - http://cityguide.aol.com/washington/bars/cue-bar/v-301260

I like going to the places listed above because they have a lot to offer besides just seeing other folks. Some have fun activities while others have great ambience and good food. Overall worth your while if you are looking for something to do.

So technically my list is a great DC find!

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