Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Corcoran Gallery - Runway to Reality

CORCORAN: Spring/ Summer Fashion Preview - Fall Shows Review

Hi Diva-Socialistas:

I went to the Corcoran Gallery's Runway to Reality which I found out about through the DC Fashionistas. It seems like so many of you were out that night! Wow! I sauntered into the cocktail area at the Corcoran Gallery before the event fully confident that I was way more fashion forward than most because of my new fab square-shaped black rimmed glasses. Yes I am of the belief that these frames accentuate my more intellectual side. And to those of you with your mouths agape - YES, I WEAR GLASSES! Like why doesn't anyone notice me anymore? I digress.

So, I showed up at the event and everyone is dressed to the nines! Loved it .. a fashion stylists dream as I was told in not those words by a fashion stylists/diva-socialista in attendance. She was surprised to see the on point boots, sharp combos and daring colors. I feel like I am critiquing the fall fashion in DC - call me the local Andre Leon Talley!

Well anywho, the gathering was great. We had cocktails and networking beforehand and then we moved on the watch a report on the Fall fashion shows - NY, Paris and Milan put together by the Fashion Group International. I have to admit this was my first time attending such an event and I was appreciative of the constricted and focused report of all the shows from the Fall.

The topic du jour was the couture patrons disenchantment with the couture designers and the designers out of touch designs that won't sell.

What did I like and dislike: I loved that clutches are in for the next season. The Diane Von Furstenburg and Chanel lines were simple and chic as usual. I do question the itsy-bitsy underwear size shorts throughout the Chanel line. I am not sure who will buy and wear these on the streets. I loved that long blazers are back in. The mixtures of 80's jumpsuit velour looks with high fashion has got to go - Jean Paul Gaultier. The Versace dresses had a nice balance of color.

The critiques of the individual clothing lines were on point. While some designers were daring - disappearing dress - that is controlled mechanically to shrink to nothing or the 15th century romantic line of dresses with prosthetically well-endowed behinds. Who is going to buy a 15th Century inspired gown with a large behind sewn into it. Even Beyonce and J-lo would prefer the natural to the not so normal.

The report also focused on the simple and classic looks of Marc Jacobs and Tracey Reese for example, who are probably the boring American dsigners not as fun as Isaac Mizrahi's Spring line who everyone is looking forward to seeing in the Spring 2007.

At the end of the day, the designers are looking for as much publicity as they can. Publicity attracts investors but not necessarily buyers when there are only 2 or 3 pieces in a well thought out show that can convert to sales. Some use starlets while others use both the ingenue and the outlandish design to attract attention. At the end of the day it is all a show.

These are my thoughts and I can tell you I still have lots to learn!

Ciao Divas!

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