Sunday, March 23, 2008

DC's Next Fashion Stop ... DEKKA!

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Just received this press release about the First-Ever Designer Showroom/Retail Co-op "DEKKA" in the Nation's Capital and I must say I am more excited than ever to have new shopping options.

Washington, DC - Today, a group of established and emerging local designers, retailers, artists, and musicians announce the creation of "DEKKA" - the metro area's first-ever designer showroom and retail co-op that is sure to propel fashion and art in the Nation's Capital further into the limelight, right in the heart of the booming and hip U Street Corridor.

DEKKA spells out "DCA," which in turns stands for "DC Area." The new DEKKA showroom consists of a diverse group of clothing and accessory designers, retailers, fine artists, and even a local cosmetics line. In a beautifully designed and updated space, customers visiting the DEKKA showroom can shop for unique clothing and jewelry, view paintings from local artists adorning the walls, and browse music from independent artists. Fashion, art and music - magically combined under one roof. DEKKA was already in full force at this year's Spring 2008 DC Fashion Week, featuring six of its designers who showcased their work as a group. "We share a space, do events, and work together to market our individual products," says Cecilia Guerra, of CG Originals, a local jewelry designer and member of DEKKA.

Both wholesale and exclusive retail sales will take place at the showroom. The participants are established and emerging locals, who want the city to be recognized as more than the political capital. DEKKA is about diversity, and about the unification of artists to reach a higher level, all by means of the creative process."This all happened so fast. Within a month, we had eleven people on board to join the showroom. It seems from what everybody says, that this is exactly the kind of establishment that DC has been needing," explains DEKKA co-owner and designer, Luciana Tiktin of Yosoy Fashion.The members featured in the DEKKA showroom represent a wide range of local talent. There is BiriBelle Clothing, a line that brings an African flair to urban and vintage styles. The National Society of Soul's designs combine fashion with social awareness. YOSOY Fashion, a line created in Miami and now emerging in DC, merges European styles with Miami & DC's diversity. Handcrafted and with custom order options, Holland Cox provides the showroom with exclusive handbags. The uniqueness of handcrafting is also expressed in AASHMAA, a clothing line that combines modernism with India's traditionalism.

Travel is the key inspiration behind, an online local boutique carrying apparel and accessories from international designers and artists, as well as unique US lines; and now with a retail location at DEKKA. CG Originals will complement the clothing with its jewelry made of Peruvian Silver, precious stones, and glass. Ame Cosmetics, in turn, is a local cosmetics line presenting two complete and exciting lines of color in classic and mineral makeup and the ultimate in diversity. The Renee France clothing line boasts great texture, quality, and design.

Finally, DEKKA's artists include the amazing ethereal abstract talent of Sofya Mirvis and local pop sensation Chris Bishop. DEKKA co-owner Joshua Tiktin (also known as JMC) created the DEKKA concept and also sells his music at the store." What you can expect from DEKKA is a relationship, an experience. It gives people from the DC area an opportunity to be close to the designers and retailers they are wearing, the artists they are buying for their walls, and the people who are making the music they are discovering. All of the creators here have a strong desire to share. The movers and shakers of the area are really appreciating the energy of DEKKA, and have been quick to help in our goal of unifying the diverse creative industries of the DC area," says co-owner and hip hop artist, JMC.

The Grand Opening of DEKKA will take place at the DEKKA showroom, on April 5, 2008, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m.In attendance will be Ms. Christine Brooks-Cropper, President of the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, DC Fashion Week Director Ean Williams, and Ms. Abigail de Casanova, Founder and President of the DC Fashionista Group, which now includes over a thousand members. DEKKA is located at 1338 U Street N.W., 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20009, in the Historic District of U Street and across from "The Ellington." Visit, DCFAM for more information on the DEKKA showroom and the various DCFAM projects.

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