Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plaid is back...ask Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle

Hi Darlings:

Photo: Ralph Lauren - Geraldine Plaid dress - $149.99 on sale

I remember when I wore a plaid uniform in high school I did not consider anything about that gray, red, green and blue striped outfit to be fashionable. It was utilitarian but not a social standout and in those days did not make me a trendsetter. However, I recently saw a CBS Sunday Morning commentary featuring authors and fashionistas, Jeffrey Bank and Doria de la Chappelle about their book Tartan: Romancing the Plaid. The commentary accompanying the interview stated that plaid was the fabric of the season. Hearing this I began to think that a perplexing fashion invasion was on the horizon. Now I think you remember my mentioning last year that plaid, especially used in winter coats was making a fashion comeback. But, I thought for sure the plaid fabrics would go the way of high-waisted pants and be a flash in the pan, once in a generation style experiment. According to the "experts" I am wrong. Surprisingly, this fabric is considered a choice of comfort like hamburgers and fries when you are sad or baked macaroni n cheese on a cold day. How fascinating! Well you never know what will become en vogue tomorrow. It makes giving away lightly worns all the more difficult.

Hugs and besos.

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