Sunday, August 10, 2008

Katie Holmes and the Jeans saga...


Katie Holmes is usually tres chic...well most of the time. But there was never more speculation over her clothes than when she wore these unfashionable jeans last week, as in every day the same pants.

First, what celeb wears the same thing every day unless you are trying to mess with the paps or you are Amy Winehouse. There were rumors made up that she was preggers or that she was wearing Tom's clothes because she missed him so much. This is probably the most time apart we've noticed between the two since they were I considered that a possibility. Whatever the case I was also not sure if she was preparing for a boyish role in her current Broadway play Arthur Millers All My Sons...she did cut her hair short. I was just annoyed because the jeans were baggie circa '85 and the cuffs were folded as in Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing" - either way a trend No One wanted to come back. Was she trying to be the death of fashion?

Well as it turns out she WAS wearing Tom's PRPS jeans. PRPS is trying to adapt the jeans for women called the boyfriend jeans coming soon this Fall. Maybe she is getting paid... Stop it Katie! No amount of money is worth being fashion road kill!

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Couture Soul said...

believe it or not, i actually like it. its always good to see people that do their own thing regardless of what everyone else may think :-)

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