Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics - Confidence Strongest Fashion Statement

Hi Darlings:

I was watching the Olympics on and off while out-of-town resting and I could not help but notice that the athletes had one accessory we should all own - self-confidence. Without it they couldn't win and we can't succeed.

Yes, Usain Bolt was criticised for being cocky. But I believe that one man's cocky is another man's confident. I was just in the Caribbean and he is a hero to natives of all the islands whether or not they are Jamaican. For a group of people who infrequently have such role models who are spotlighted internationally, he is a hero and his show of confidence after bolting across the finish line - so to speak - part of a culture of people who are naturally expressive. His confidence is inspiring.

On a different note self-confidence also allowed the American gymnasts too prevail despite the odds against them.

For many the Olympics are over and so is the televised inspiration of watching the athletes achieve their dreams. The reality is that you don't have to wait another 4 years to be inspired to be your best. We all have it within in us to be self-inspiring. I always hope everyone can aspire to follow their dreams with confidence.

You only live once.


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Racquel said...

Awww Heidi . . . your post was so inspirational!

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