Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Diva Would Never...

Hi Darlings:

Take a moment to log unto my new blog A Diva Would Never...

In this blog, I've created an e-drama based on the lives of three women living in Washington, DC. Diane, one of the characters narrates the story about her life in DC and her experiences with her two friends Cindi and Jaz. They are fashionable, out-going professional women who face many challenges each day but in the end they will always be friends…hopefully. What you have to ask yourself is whether the episodes are real life or fiction. The District can be a lot more interesting than you think. So, don’t believe the rumors… there is more to life in the District than politics, suits and power lunches.

I post a new episode every Monday. So subscribe by bookmarking the blog or adding me to your RSS feed so you can keep up with each episode.


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