Friday, June 20, 2008

Divas In the News and More...

Hi Darlings:

Could Obama-mania be hitting a fashionable note in Italian Vogue? Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue in the upcoming issue of the mag uses only black models photographed by Steven Meisel. She notes her intrigue in Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. Hopefully this will go a long way to defeating unattractive and negative stereotypes. All women/people have unique beauty that should be celebrated. (NY Times)

And, Kimora Lee asks herself the age-old questions "Did he or didn't he? Am I or maybe I am not?". Go figure...only the ring will tell. (People)

Finally, Shakira is now a bona-fide star! Thank goodness...I was getting worried. In 2009, she will be awarded a star on the Hollywoord walk of Fame. (Lossip)

Viva la shoes! Here are some pics of Megan Goode and her fabulous shoes as they both made an appearance yesterday on 106 and Park! le sigh...

Hugs and besos.

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