Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sex And the City - NYC Adventures

Hi Darlings:

Yes...I know I am a bit late with the tale of my New York "Sex And the City" adventures but at least by now you've seen the movie and like me you more than likely thought it was fantabulous!

So lets start from the top. Like I mentioned before my sister had the fabulous idea that we should watch the movie in the city! Admittedly it does not take much to get me excited about a new adventure and My Dears this was no different. As usual I made sure to take an open mind with me as usual.

To start I decided to take the Bolt Bus to the city. I had been hearing nothing but compliments about this bus. Its not like the Chinatown buses - dirty, cramped, stinky restrooms. You've gotta take this bus next time you come to the city. I had heard it all. So, I got to the bus - which picks you up conveniently at Metro Center (11th and G St., NW) and drops you off at 33rd and 7th Ave. in NY - a second before the driver pulled away. Luck was on my side. Immediately I ran into a good friend...kiss-kiss and I scurried away to my seat. The rumors were true - the bus was clean, leather seats, outlet to plug in laptop or phone or whatever, wifi, movie and clean bathrooms (I suspect only because the riders did not hesitate to use). I was impressed and happy with my $20 each way bus decision.

After the pleasant ride up, I took the subway to my sister's place in Brooklyn. First thing she did was take me to a few vegan restaurants and stores - there are an abundance in her neighborhood. We did wheatgrass shots. Bought mangos and vegan carryout meals. I even tried tofu Caribbean patties - never thought that was possible - now I feel like Puffy in "Making the Band" and coercing her to walk to that store every time she decides to come visit to bring me a few on her way. I should sent her an email "Don't visit without the patties". They were that good.

After this adventure into the vegan world we went home to eat the rest of our meals and only then decided to look up movie tickets. Having seen Indian Jones the previous weekend - I knew there was a great possibility that the movie could be sold out in many places. What I did not expect was that it would be sold out until midnight in ALL of Manhattan and most of Brooklyn! Good grief - we had to see it that Saturday because I knew for sure Sunday matinee would not work for me and plus I would look ridiculous wearing my SATC outfit (I'm a Carrie and Charlotte mix) in the middle of the day!

We ultimately found an open 10pm showtime in Borough Hall. Ticket purchased we could now relax for at least the next 5 hours while we watched Top Chef reruns.

We arrived at the theater and waiting in a line that wrapped around the floor - no surprise. However, the members of our group which included another friend were all able to seat together. Excellent! The movie was great! The plot - solid. Usually I wince at the sappy part of romantic movies which I usually find unbearable to watch but there was nothing unbearable about the SATC movie. It was as if we were in a ginormous living room watching a version of the series on HBO. The plot resolved a lot of the characters issues but did not ruin the goodwill developed by the show throughout its years as a television show. I was satisfied. Now there is talk of a sequel and for the life of me I can't figure out what else they would have to say. Ladies ...don't spoil a good thing.

After the movies we went to a club Bembe also in Brooklyn. It was Brazilian and like a less crowded version of Habana Village in Adams Morgan. The latin music was blasting, the drummers were doing their thing and we were all enjoying the exciting beats. Great place to go enjoy wonderful music, laid back people - as in everyone from young professionals to artsy Brooklynites, and Caipirinha and Mojitos galore.

I slept well that night waking up the next day for a brief excursion to Harlem for brunch and soul foodat Amy Ruth's. On the way there, since it was a really hot day we stopped and purchased coconut and mango ice from one of the street vendors. These small refreshing goodies hit the spot...who needs the Good Humor man. I have to admit you would not find these vendors in DC. Only in NYC....

The end.

Hugs and besos!
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