Monday, June 09, 2008

Proactiv Vending Machine

Hi Darlings:

I have never praised the invention of the AC more than I did this weekend. A family member was in town and we decided to give her a tour of the city which entailed shopping in Georgetown. It was so unbelievably hot! I felt almost like I needed a bottle of water for every block because of the water weight loss. Perfect if I was trying to loose weight but that was not the case. It also did not help my stress level that gas is now shockingly above $4 at a time when we are more inclined to want to use and "need" to use our cars. Well enough of that depressing talk...

The most fascinating thing about this weekend was the Proactiv vending machine. There it was at the Georgetown Park mall. I had seen vending machines for movies and food before but beauty products. Fantastic idea! Dispensers coming soon (probably) to your restaurant restroom...I had to take a pic with my trusty phone.

Hugs and besos.

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