Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lessons Learned: Bachelorette

Ok Darlings:

Admittedly, there was a time that I boycotted shows like the Bachelorette and the Bachelor. But after not watching for years I randomly started watching the Bachelorette this year and after two episodes I was hooked. Now, I am bouncing in my seat waiting for the season finale when we finally find out who the current bachelorette Deanna chooses. She has narrowed the pool to two men who are equal parts nice and gorgeous. Hmmm...hope it lasts!

The main selling point about this season was the directness and strength exuded by Deanna. She is like a lioness on the prowl - devouring her prey i.e. male suitors one by one when they don't live up to her expectations. I figured watching her in action there were many lessons to be learned of what not to and what to do. Like many women she is on a mission to find a husband however, unlike most her attitude was "take no prisoners." Everyone knows her motives - a tactic that in the real world would scare potential suitors but on the show is a welcomed truth. I am entirely fascinated by her honestly and lack of game playing which I find refreshing and admirable. To many relationship = games that never end. They are routine distractions that keep us from our goals. There is a lot to learn from Deanna's focus. I can't wait for the season finale on Monday, July 7th. Viva Lurve!

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