Saturday, October 27, 2007

J'aime Paris - Days 5, 6 and 7

Days 5 and 6:

The last two days I take it easy. This post will be short since these 2 days merely entail sightseeing, ambling through the city and eating ... ummm and shopping.

In Paris it is easy to just walk from place to place. I find myself at the Notre Dame which was a great and spiritual experience. There is also lots to see for architectural art history appreciators and like myself. From there the Latin Quarter is within walking reach. The Sunday bazaar at the Latin Quarter is worth a second look. There are lots of old books, pictures and old lithographs. Lots to see and buy if you want gifts that aren't the cheesy Eiffel Tower statuettes. I next walk through Marais on my way to the Picasso museum.

On a fashion note, I still observe that for Parisiens the bell sleeved look has either come and gone or never really arrived. All the jackets or caplets are straight sleeves with empire waist lines. I think I counted two women with bell sleeves in a highly tourist area - so not sure if they lived in Paris. For certain, eyeware is most definitely a fashion statement. If you have to wear them here you most definitely most make a statement. The different or brighter the better. Wide legged pants on women is not a popular look at all. All jeans and slacks are form fitted.

Marais on a Sunday is great for people watching since its bohemian and all the stores are practically open.

Later that night on the 6th day, the final dinner in Paris was at La Cagouille. The best seafood ever. The meal started with mini courtesy clams. Then we had sardine sashimi and mini fishettes (my word) for appetizers. Red snapper and sea bass - rounded out the meal. The restaurant came highly recommended and the experience was purely divine. It was a satisfying 2.5 hour dinning experience.

Day 7:

Au revoir Paris

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