Thursday, October 25, 2007

J'aime Paris - Days 3 and 4

Day 3:

On Day 3, I start focusing on shopping and doing research on whether or not stores in Paris would be interested in carrying my Diva Bugs purses.

On this day however, the first stop of the day is at the Reciproque stores on Rue de la Pompe that I discover in the guide book. This I have to say is a must see for an American because its the Parisienne version of the thrift shop that puts any thrift/consignment store I've seen here to shame! Rows upon rows of Chanel, Prada, Betsey Johnson, Louis Vuitton ... you name the couture designer and their clothes - vintage and last season - will more than likely be on the racks! Shoes, jewelry included ... The also have a menswear store. But don't go looking for bargains because there are none. That American concept has not made it to Paris. :)

We next make it too Marais at the other side of town. The first store I enter Ginger Lyly has the nicest lady. I look around the store and notice everything Dominica - flag, pics, shoes in (red, yellow and green) - perplexed I question her about it. She says it is her love and goes on about the island being her favorite place in the world ... instantly she does not know it but we are now best friends forever! I tell her I was born there. We start talking about what I should do about getting my line in Parisienne stores. I go to her store because she is known for carrying young designers. But, she is closing shop and moving to Bali. She gives me great advice. We move on...

Who knows maybe Divabugs might be in Paris....:oneday. :)

After a "quick" day of shopping we head home. Dinner reservations for the Buddha Bar. R has been dying to go there. When she was last in France it was well known for celeb spotting. Dinner at the BB is a delightful pan-Asian experience. We have frog legs for appetizer which can be both Vietnamese and French. There is the option for sushi or bento boxes but we go for the hot entrees. The dinning experience was great, however no stars were spotted.

After dinner, we head upstairs to the bar area and hang out at a small table with random guy who has open seats until his girlfriend comes. The BB seems to be the place to go for drinks. It is packed and seating is high commodity. Bring lots of cash. Our companion is well travelled and shares stores on his excursion. We listen. He is not bad to look at. His girlfriend comes and she is fun to hang out with.

After a few hours of talking to them and some Brits who are here for the Rugby World Cup we head to L'Etoile to end the night dancing.

L'Etoile was fun. I always find clubbing abroad to be a great experience. Young and old dancing. Uninhibited fun! I had a great time.

On Day 4:

I do some marathon shopping (lets see: out to outlets by 8, come back home, shop some more) and finally take notes on the fashion trends that make up the Parisienne scene. The mohawk is there too, country western inspired boots for women, pierced gem moles on upper lip, slim fitted tight jeans, leggings with everything.

There is not much to say but shopping should be declared a sport! It's Saturday and since I realize that most stores are either closed on both Sunday and Monday or just Sunday so I know right away that I am on a mission. I leave on Tuesday. In the end I am tired and famished.

After shopping I do the cafe thing again. Unavoidable and plus I still haven't taken my - writer at the cafe drinking capuccino while writing in my journal picture. I am on a mission. By the end of today it is chillier than the other days and the reality sinks in that Parisiens will sit outside rain or shine. They are hardcore!

As usual dinner is planned. Great opportunity to try on my new boots and take pics everywhere... ummm yeah.

We have tons of fun at dinner and hanging out with some new French friends ... delightful...

"Carrie Bradshaw Thoughts": Fun is a three letter word that holds a different meaning for practically everyone. For some it holds much complexity that bars them from truly enjoying life. For others it is merely a simple three-letter word. Living in the moment is not as easy for some as it is for others.

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