Monday, December 08, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Season 2, Episode 10 recap

Hi Darlings:

Yes, Lipstick Jungle was back last Friday after a one-week hiatus and I am hoping no buzz is good buzz in regards to whether the show will be cancelled after this season.

This episode was sort of the palm to the forehead "D-uh" episode. Most of the plot I and more than likely you have probably guessed would happen.

Let's start with Nico - obviously the title of the episode "Bye Bye Baby" reflected on her storyline. Crazy Megan's parents came for the baby. They mentioned that she is leaving school and they are taking her and the baby back to Indiana. So much for the huge trust fund Nico gave baby Charlie and the tough exterior she pretended to have before. I felt sorry for Nico because she is facing an issue many professional women go through ... they run in the proverbial rat race and look up at 40 with no kids or daddy prospects, which leads us to Kirby. I was not surprised Nico lost the baby - we all knew she did not have a legal leg to stand on but I did not think 'bye bye baby' would also mean bye bye Kirby. Frankly, Nico needs him and so do we ... every chick/girlie show needs at least ONE cute leading man. Wendy's hubbie Shane and Sal aren't quite there yet. What do you think? But, now that Nico has figured she wants a baby NOW Kirby was definitely not the right fit...he is essentially a kid himself.

Wendy seems to always find herself in some sort of ethical conundrum. This time she literally made a deal with a devil "aka Steven" to get her movie made. Steven resorts to whatever it takes including tarnishing reputations just to get the green light on a movie. I just think in the end Wendy with be deceived by him again and will not get any credit for what could be a successful movie. I hope she had him sign an agreement. Her husband wants to be the breadwinner and he wants her a former movie exec to stay home, get fat and have more babies. Can he stop! She is obviously able to balance both work and the kids. His "man-esteem" is really low. They need to find a way for him to feel more secure in their relationship and so he can be happy and they can focus on saving their daughter from her potential of becoming a statistic.

Victory always come out on top. She encourages Wendy's teenager daughter to participate in a potental statutory rape situation and Wendy gives her permission to be her daughter's confidante. She needs to get a new client and Wendy makes phone call and she is in the door. It's good to be Victory...if the name fits...

As for outfits, hmmm...why did the episode start with Wendy wearing a not so cute scarf indoors...weird. But, she did redeem her fashion sense later on by wearing a puffed sleeved lambswool leather jacket. Nico had on another schiff but this time its was sort of patchworked and purple which was not a conservative choice by any means. And lastly, Victory's necklaces were cute. She wore a necklace with her signature roses in the end and also paired a malachite beaded necklace with ivory pearl earrings...great combo.

That's all for this week.

Hugs and besos.

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