Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recessionista - In! Budget Fashionista - Out....

Hi Darlings:

It is truly a sign of the times when the hemline is attributed to the stock market downturn. Yesterday, a NY Times article quipped that the lower the hemline the lower the stock market. As in all the hippie style dresses we have been seeing lately are forecasting the economic downturn.

I actually rolled my eyes because this analogy most definitely did not take into consideration the random days that the market does go up unexpectedly. Was Cameron just not paying attention to the times of economic stability when she wore this Dior dress to the Academy Awards a few years ago, while Katherine Jenkins got the memo this year and wore the more appropriate long dress by John Galliano to Mandela's 90th birthday party?
What would Gwyneth Paltrow do (WWGD)?

She loves a short dress and most recently she has being wearing her hemline shorter and shorter. Is it that the stocks purchase by the celebs with the short hemline are doing better than ever and the ankle length hems of the others are a sign of not doing as well? Gwyneth's recent movie Iron Man did do remarkably well in the theaters. Maybe her stock is just going up in general...after years of being a stay at home mom to now having success in the box office.
Imagine my surprise last night when Cynthia McFadden declared last night on Primetime that Recessionista is in... The Recessionista? They must have also read this article. Go figure. It is most definitely a sign of the time...

Hugs and besos.

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